The eDevo is a Christian devotional shared electronically. Messages are inspired by the author's life experiences and insights from her own Bible study, reflections, and times of worship. Julie loves to write, and she loves the Lord. The eDevo is a blending of these two passions into a ministry that shares the Word, thoughts on the Word, and thoughts on daily life as a child of God.

In July of 2006, Julie Burroughs sent out an email to friends and family she thought might be interested, asking if they would like to receive devotionals written by her via email. The eDevo was born! Eventually, she created an email address just for the eDevo. Later, she established a blog to highlight selected emails. Today, Julie continues to write messages as the Spirit moves her. You can click here to view sample messages on this site, as well as sign up to receive them all! To sign up, simply enter your information in the white box on the right, and click Subscribe.